New partners in 2014

Since 2014, we represent the products of qualitie brands like :

Liros for their ropes         

Douglas Gill for their clothes   

Rigiflex for their tender and security boats  

Landenberger Sails for their sails  

Torqeedo for their electrical engines 

Secumar for their inflatable security vests     

and other more.

We are there to serve you.

Progress of the adjustments for the new Ponant production.

We thank all Ponant sailors and friends of the boat class for their active support to the recovery of the boat class Ponant. The success of collective financing project paves the way for further development.

After the preparation of the first boats in the vacuum method (epoxy / balsa) and the data collected during the years 2013 and 2014 experience, the new version of the product is assured.

The work in adjustments will allow us to build high quality boats.

Here are some photos of the progress of the work.

Help the AS-Ponant class to win their challenge.

The Ponant dinghy class association have started a Crowd-Funding project, to modern and repair the hull-base.

An important step was done last year, by constructing two new boats with advanced technology.

The class association is owner of the hull-base and need your financial help to finalize their project.

Thanks for your contribution, which will relive the class activities and guarantee production of attractive new boats.

Join the Crowd Funding group “Go for new Ponant” at KissKissBankBank.